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With over 30 years of experience we are a dedicated team of experts geared towards supplying Aruba with an assortment of frozen food products. We provide professional service in every aspect of your business, including quality control, documentation, logistics and customer service. As we continue to grow and search for unique and exquisite products we aim to offer our clients only the best on the market. In the near future our plan is to branch out to also include deli meat, cheese and dry goods in our assortment. Our main objective is to source our business partners with the best selection of frozen food products and culinary delights. We strive to attain this goal by continuously educating our staff by visiting international food shows and companies to deliver top quality frozen food from around the world at the best prices. Our passion for quality and delicious tasting food and unparalleled customer service enable us to distinguish ourselves as the best supplier of frozen goods on the island. Our motto is “the best frozen products from our warehouses to your kitchen with pride”.


As a local food trading company supplying only the best in frozen food products we aim to give our business partners good value-for-money; always being the leader in providing Aruba with the best selection of frozen food product by closely following the latest global trends and having a close relationship with international frozen food producers and distributors.

Expanding our range of frozen food products, while also offering the best brands on the island.

Our Staff

We have a small yet dedicated staff of highly motivated people always willing to go the extra mile to help our business partners grow their business by meet and or exceeding their clients’ expectations. Our staff is equipped with the latest tools to effectively and efficiently do their daily tasks in order to shorten the distribution process. Each staff member is highly skilled in their area having a combined experience of more than 100 years.

Our Products

Our products are sourced weekly from all over the world. We work closely with both our sales team and our leading international suppliers to ensure that our product selection has a high level of adaptability to meet the needs of our local business partners. We are renowned for being a reliable partner that offers high quality products and brands. We provide products from the U.S, Canada, Europe, Brazil and the Caribbean. Since 2016, after proving that we are able to successfully develop a market for a particular product in a relatively short period of time, we formed a strategic alliance with Farm Frites, A leading Dutch frozen food producer, to become their local distributor.

# Product Description
1 Beef Flank Steak IWP (BR) per Kg
2 Beef Heel Muscle IWP (BR) per Kg
3 Beef Knuckes Bola de Lomo (BR) per Kg
4 Beef Striploin C/OFF Belly C/ON VP (BR) per Kg
5 Beef Tail IWP (BR) per Kg
6 Beef Tenderloin C/OFF 3/4 LB VP (BR) per Kg
7 Beef Tenderloin C/OFF 4/5Lbs VP (BR) per Kg
8 Beef Tongue IWP (BR) per Kg
9 Beef Topside CAP OFF IWP (BR) per Kg
10 Beef Trimming 70 VL BP (BR) per Kg
11 Beef Triple Bleached IWP (BR) per Kg
12 Heart of Rump Fat/Cork OFF VP per Kg
13 Beef Liver Whole 2 PC 15Lbs (30Lbs avg) per Lbs
14 Beef Minced 8x1.5Kg per Kg
15 Beef Ribeye Lip IBP USDA Choice per Lbs
16 Beef Short Ribs 4-Bone Packer USDA Choice per Lbs
17 Beef Striploin Streak AAA C/C 10oz per CS (10 Lbs)
18 Beef Tails per Kg
19 Beef Tenderloin 4/5Lbs (ARG) per Kg
20 Beef Tenderloin IBP 12/6 USDA Choice per Lbs
21 Beef Tenderloin Steak AAA C/C 5oz per CS (10 Lbs)
22 Beef Tenderloin Steak AAA C/C 8oz per CS (10 Lbs)
23 Beef Tenderloins 3/4Lbs (USA) per Kg
24 Beef Tongue (US) per Lbs
25 Beef Tripe Honeycomb 10 Lbs per Lbs
26 Burgers (30x5.3oz) per CS (10 Lbs)
27 Rib Eye Steak AAA 12oz per CS (10 Lbs)
28 Veal Chops per Kg
29 Veal Loins per Kg
30 Veal Ossobucco per Kg
31 Veal Sweetbread Throat per Kg
32 Chicken Breast Bone-In, Skin-On 12x900g per CS (10.8Kg)
33 Chicken Breast Boneless, Skinless 6x2Kg (Sadia) per CS (12Kg)
34 Chicken Drumsticks Tray 12x900g per CS (10.8Kg)
35 Chicken Franks 24x340g per CS (8.16Kg)
36 Chicken Gizzards 12x1Kg (Sadia) per CS (12Kg)
37 Chicken Gizzards 20x450g Tray per CS (9Kg)
38 Chicken Griller 10x1300g (Sadia) per CS (13Kg)
39 Chicken Griller 8x1500g (Sadia) per CS (12Kg)
40 Chicken Leg Whole 12x900g (Sadia) per CS (10.8Kg)
41 Chicken Legs Bone-In 15Kg (Sadia) per CS
42 Chicken Livers 20x450g Tray per CS (9Kg)
43 Chicken Livers 30x500g (Sadia) per CS (15Kg)
44 Chicken Thighs 12x900g per CS (10.8Kg)
45 Chicken Wings 12x900g per CS (10.8Kg)
46 Chicken Wings 3 Joint 15Kg per CS
47 Chicken Breast Boneless, Skinless 8x2Kg (NL) per CS (16Kg)
48 Chicken Legs 22Lbs (NL) per CS
49 Chicken Legs 33Lbs (USA) per CS
50 Chicken Legs 40Lbs per CS
51 Chicken Legs Boneless, Skinless 6x2Kg (NL) per CS (12Kg)
52 Chicken Thighs Bone-In, Skin-On per CS
53 Chicken Wings 10Kg (NL) per CS
54 Chicken Breast Filet 6 Oz IQF AGRO 4/10 Lbs per Lbs
55 Chicken Drums PACKER per CS (40Lbs)
56 Chicken Paws (USA) per Lbs
57 Chicken Wings Whole Jumbo Packer 4/10 Lbs per Lbs
58 Duck Breast Boneless 10Kg per CS
59 Ducks per Kg
60 Duck Whole 4.5-5 Lbs per Lbs
61 Goat Cut in Catrons (SP) per Kg
62 Goat in Cartons (SP) per Kg
63 Lamb Carcass per Kg
64 Lamb Legs Bone-In 10Kg per Kg (10Kg / CS)
65 Lamb Racks Frenched per Kg
66 Pork Belly Boneless, Skin-On per Kg
67 Pork Belly Boneless, Skinless per Kg
68 Pork Collar Boneless per Kg
69 Pork Leg Boneless per Kg
70 Pork Loin Bone-In per Kg
71 Pork Loin Boneless per Kg
72 Pork Loin Chops Sliced per Kg (10Kg / CS)
73 Pork Loin Ribs 5Kg per CS (5Kg)
74 Pork Spare Ribs 10Kg per CS (10Kg)
75 Pork Tenderloin per Kg
76 Shoulder Ham 4x5Kg per Kg
77 Shoulder Ham 8x2.5Kg per Kg
78 Suckling Pigs per Kg
79 Ham Virginia 2/8 avg per Lbs
80 Pig Feet per CS (10Kg)
81 Pork Loin Ribs 10Kg per CS (10Kg)
82 Pork Tenderloin 6/2 PC per Lbs
83 Argentina Shrimp 16-20 per Lbs (20Lbs / CS)
84 Argentina Shrimp U-15 per Lbs (20Lbs / CS)
85 Conch Fillet Cleaned 100% 6/5 Lbs per Lbs
86 Conch Meat 100% Clean per Lbs
87 Crab Flakes Salad Style per Lbs
88 Crab Meat Imitation 4x2.5 per Lbs
89 Pangasius Filet 10x1Kg per CS (10Kg)
90 Pollock Fillet 4-6 Oz per Lbs
91 Rock Lobster Tail 5oz per Lbs (10Lbs / CS)
92 Rock Lobster Tail 6/8oz per Lbs (10Lbs / CS)
93 Salad Seaweed Sesame Hiyashi Wakame pe CS
94 Salmon Sliced Smoked Nor Style Packer per Lbs
95 Scallops 40/60 IQF 6/5 per Lbs
96 Seafood Mix 24x400g per Lbs (24Lbs / CS)
97 Squid Rings 30x340g per Lbs (30Lbs / CS)
98 Squid Tubes 36x400g per Lbs (36Lbs / CS)
99 Swai Fillet 22x1Lbs per Lbs (22Lbs / CS)
100 Trimmed Conch per PK (5Kg)
101 Turkey Breast 15x1Kg per CS (15Kg)
102 Turkey Breast 1Kg per CS (10Kg)
103 Turkey Whole Seasoned 15Kg per CS (15Kg)
104 Turkey Whole Seasoned 18Kg per CS (18Kg)
105 Big Banana Sweet Plantains. sliced IQF 4/6Lbs (COL) per CS
106 Tio Jorge Plantain Patties Tostones 20x1Lbs per CS
107 Tio Jorge Yuca Frozen 6x4Lbs per CS
108 Tio Jorge Yuca Tri-straight Cut Fries 10x2Lbs per CS
109 Danish Salami 21Kg per Kg
110 Rookworst 24x200g per CS (20Kg)
111 Saksische Leverworst Naturel 34x150gr per CS
112 Saksische Leverworst Tuinkruiden 34x150gr per CS
113 French Fries Regular 4x2.5Kg per CS
114 French Fries Steakhouse 5x2.5Kg per CS
115 Fries 10mm 5x2.5Kg Farm Frites per CS
116 Fries 10mm 6x2.5Kg Farm Frites per CS
117 Fries Regular Cut 10mm 5x2.5Kg Farm Frites per CS
118 Fries Steakhouse 5x2.5Kg per CS
119 Fries Steakhouse 5x2.5Kg Farm Frites per CS
120 Fries Traditional Cut 10mm 24x400g Farm Frites per CS
121 Mini Hash Brown 10x1100g Farm Frites per CS
122 Mini Potato Waffles 10x1100g Farm Frites per CS
123 Onion Rings Breaded 6x1100g Farm Frites per CS
124 Butter Cups Unsalted 200x10g per CS (2Kg)
125 Butter Unsalted 40x250g per CS (10Kg)
126 Styro Container per BX

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